GBR Nutrition Amino Blast 200 Capsules

Amino Blast

GBR Amino Blast is the quick and easy way for you to take amino acids.

Optimum amino acid balance supports the regeneration process and muscle growth. These amino acids are the cornerstone in allowing muscle tissue to recover and repair post-workout – but also help prevent the catabolic (muscle breakdown) effects that training hard can have.

The branched chain amino acids found in GBR Amino Blast are metabolised directly into the muscle fibres which also assists with reducing fatigue and prolonging energy levels by assisting with the replenishment of glycogen stores. GBR amino blast is ideal for anybody who wants to improve their physique and encourage a speedy recovery process post work out.

Can help aid muscle recovery

Can improve muscle growth

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Product Description


200 Capsules


Whey Protein Concentrate Milk (Lecithin), Gelatin Shell.


Take Three – Four capsules with each meal (maximum of 9 capsules per day).

Drink plenty of liquids while taking these capsules.



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