Chilli Slim 30 Capsules

Chilli Slim

Chilli Slim reduces your appetite, increases your metabolism, inhibits fat cell growth and helps prevent fat cell formation.

There are no frustrating side effects or agonizing hunger pangs, you can take Chilli Slim safely and feel the benefits without affecting your lifestyle.

Chilli Slim has been clinically developed to harness the power of Capsaicin (the active ingredient in chilli peppers) to aid fast, effective weight loss. It literally turns up the heat in your body, increasing the process of thermogenesis, therefore encouraging the burning of fat.

Can Help increase your metabolism

Helps reduce appetite

Can Help encourage the burning of stubborn fat

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Product Description


30 Capsules


Caffeine Powder, Lactose Milk, Nicotinamide, Piperine, Capsaicin Extract, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Origin), Brown Rice Flour, Gelatin Shell.


Take one capsule 30 – 60 minutes before exercise.

On non-work out days take one capsule with water in the morning before breakfast.

Do not take before bedtime in the evening.


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