Vitamin C 1000mg 360 Tablets

Vitamin C 1000Mg

Multivitamins No Iron 360

Multivitamins Iron Free

krill oil 500 60

Krill Oil

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Glucosamine 1000Mg Tablets

Garlic Extract 360 Capsules

Garlic Extract

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Cod Liver Oil 1000Mg


Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg

All 3 sizes of purely collagen liquid

Collagen Liquid


New Products…

Kalcium K2-7 90 Tablets

Kalcium K2-7

vitamin d 2500 90

Vitamin D 2500iu


Want the best support for your bones?

Calcium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 work in synergy.

Kalcium K2-7 is the ultimate combination to help reduce the risk of Osteoporosis as well as building and maintaining healthy bones for years to come

Vitamin K2 isn’t mentioned much but this super vitamin helps your body move calcium to where it’s needed most.

Weather Look Dull?

Our High Strength Vitamin D 2500iu is all you need to keep your Vitamin D levels topped up whatever the weather!

Vitamin D has been in the media recently due to new data from Public Health England stating that more than one in five people in Britain have low levels of Vitamin D

Feeling Stressed? Need to regain focus?

Our Brain & Stress formula contains two products to help you stay in the drivers seat and keep your brain on track.